Plug an socket connector 3 poles with locking latch

Part Number:PS2A-3L/0(A)
Data Sheet:
PS2, plug and socket, with latch

Plug and Socket Connector IP30

Our leftover stock is now available for 1.4Euro/complete connector when bought per complete carton of 400pcs, (so 560Euro per carton), until stock last.

Compatible with most EU brand. 

- Compliant with EN 61984(VDE0627) 

- Make before break / Touch-proof/ Safe when disconnected under loading

- Protection class : IP30

  When fully assembled with protection covers/base-plates - IP30

- Color : Black/White ; other colors upon request




Housing : Polyamide 66 (94-V2 grade)

Metal Parts : Plate Brass/Stainless Steel Spring

Ambient Temperature : T110oC

Wiring Capacity : 0.5 - 4.0mm2 (terminal part)

Voltage/Ampere Rating : 250V/16A

* For fitting to 3-cord Round Cable. (up to 1.5mm2)


Choice of assembly with cables:


CablesH03VV-F 0.75x3C (PVC)H05VV-F 0.75x3C (PVC)H05VV-F 1.0x3C (PVC)H05RN-F3Gx0.75 (Rubber)H05RR-F3Gx0.75 (Rubber)



Terminal Block Specification:



SeriesWiring Capacity- All VDE-approved/ RoHS-compliant- 250 V- PP-material/ PA 66 material (T110oC)T04up to 2.5mm2T06up to 4.0mm2T10up to 6.0mm2